Ping Pong

Let's bounce
- Let's bounce- Let's bounce- Let's bounce

Like most things in life, ping pong is more fun with a group of your pals!

All of our bookings give you access to your game table for at least 55 minutes of ball smashing fun! Depending on your group size,  you will either be given additional tables or time to play. We use that extra 5 minutes after your game to clean all of our tables, ready for the next players!


Available for 2 – 500 guests.



Booking your table beforehand is highly recommended to ensure you can have your preferred time but if you can't pre-book then pop by and check if we have a table for you with our super lovely reception team.

Group size

2-500 people


£6 per person

Why Ping Pong? Why Not...

  • It is great for the mind
  • It gets you moving
  • Ping pong connects people, both players and spectators
  • You can play competitively or just for fun
  • It is impossible not to have a blast when you play