PostedTuesday 11th April

The company Christmas party.

The company Christmas party.

The tradition that shouldn’t be a tradition.

It combines a token visit to the latest pop-up Bavarian village with questionable finger food arranged by an accounts team on a tight budget, awkward silences filled with the sweet sounds of staff glugging their mulled wine down in one. Ahh, it’s a wonderful time of year. Admittedly, that’s a self-proclaimed pessimists view because more often than not, company Christmas parties in London are a right laugh and actually really fun.

A company Christmas party in London doesn’t have to be overcomplicated; it just needs to be entertaining, in a festive frolics kind of way. Forget the Christmas purists seeking traditional turkey dinners, or the edgier alternatives taking the road less travelled and looking for London’s quirkiest crimbo haunts. You can’t cater to every demographic, but you can cater to the child in every person. After all, London is just one big adult playground. And Bounce is at the epicentre.

Bounce is the party playground you never even knew you needed, so office social secretaries, get ready to put on that party planning hat. Combining sharing bites, ping pong, feel-good party tunes, craft beers, wine and cocktails by the truckload, Bounce basically has Christmas wrapped up. It’s the best place for a company Christmas party in London, and the perfect place to get competitively Christmassy with your co-workers. What’s more, if there are too many of you to squeeze around one ping pong table, have no fear! The private room is here. Ready and waiting to accommodate your party for up to 200 guests in either Old Street or Farringdon. Snow joke.