PostedThursday 8th August

London Venues – Bounce Ping Pong

When it comes to booking an event, London venues have the most competitive and diverse market you can think of. From escape rooms to ice bars, there is always something for everyone. If you’re looking for a fully immersive experience however, look no further than Bounce – The Home of Ping Pong.

Few London venues can say that their location is on the very same spot where their concept was created. That’s right, Jean Jaques III, the creator of the game we know and love as Ping Pong, actually designed and patented the sport on the very same location as our Farringdon venue! Ok, maybe he didn’t do it with a beer in one hand and a pizza in the other, but you get the picture.

During the 90’s, the space was home to a nightclub called the Leisure Lounge. Historically, in Victorian times, the whole block of Hatton Garden was dedicated to a London institution – a department store called Gamages. This is where the great late Jean Jaques and his company developed well know games such as Tiddlywinks, Croquet, Snakes and Ladders and more.

Now you understand why we are ‘The Home of Ping Pong’ it’s time to mention the second of our London venues, Old Street. We turned a derelict car park into a cutting edge social entertainment venue with a graffiti edge that fits the area perfectly. Both venues display modern design, with beautiful food, delicious cocktails and more fun than you can shake a bat at. There’s something for everyone, get involved.