PostedTuesday 11th April

Company Christmas Party Ideas

Company Christmas party ideas got your mind spinning and heart rate rising just at the thought of having to please everyone in the office?

We know the feeling.

That’s why we’re all about minimum effort, high reward, when it comes to planning the office Christmas party. Essentially finding a place that caters to a company’s need to entertain their workers, whilst simultaneously letting them actually enjoy themselves.

But instead of providing you with an endless list of all the hundreds of potential company Christmas parties in London, let’s first think about what makes a really good crimbo bash. It takes more than a few worker elves to get it all set up after all. Firstly, you need a venue that’s the right size, so whether you’re a small group of tight-knit pals or a larger group of friendly acquaintances, nobody has to stand in the hallway. No one-in-one-out policies here. After the venue is sorted, everything else should just fall into place, including the all-important food and drink offering. At Bounce, all Christmas party planners are given a dedicated events coordinator, so you really do get your very own worker elf, as well as a choice of two private rooms, semi-private areas or the vast main spaces. What’s more, you can nibble on your chosen sharing bites and pizza packages and wash it all down with a cheeky bottomless drinks package. It’s naughty AND nice. Double the trouble. All to the seasonal sounds of your favourite Christmas tunes or chart hits whilst you mingle over a ping pong game or two.

So bid farewell to the company Christmas party ideas in London that don’t get your heart racing and competitive streak to the forefront. Because regrets are not a thing this Christmas, and you won’t be disappointed.