PostedTuesday 26th May

Best places to watch football in London

It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming. Football’s coming home.

Well technically it’s gone to Russia. But just insert the words ‘to Bounce’ instead of ‘home’ and you’re away.

Basically if you’re in search of the best places to watch football in London, look no further than Bounce in Farringdon and Old Street.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is well and truly under way, and it looks like England may actually have some sort of a shot at winning, which means the whole country is on baited breath. But let’s not jinx it. The three lions are FINALLY on a winning streak and have put London in a very good mood, which means there is now a hell of a lot of choice when it comes to watching it all play out on screen. In my humble opinion, the best places to watch football in London tend to be the places with the best atmosphere and of course, the best TV screens. Which is why it is SO convenient that in honour of the World Cup, Bounce have got huge 12ft screens for featured games as well as an array of normal sized TV’s to watch the games on.

Atmosphere wise, they’ve got that nailed too. Kane you feel it? I feel like Harry would be proud of that one. Awesome sound system and commentary aside, there’s DJ’s hitting the decks before and after the games, half time shows, a brass band and singing section for each of the major games, and even a special World Cup disco every Saturday. Not forgetting the FOOD. Say hello to delicious pizzas, hot dogs, chicken and vegetarian wraps to munch on along with a nice cold brewski. If that doesn’t send Bounce into the hall of fame for the best places to watch football in London, I don’t know what does. Seriously though, I might actually start watching football.